Plan tasks

The planned date is the date on which you want to complete a task.

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Planning a task

A planned task will be classified according to the following time categories:

> Today > Tomorrow > Later > Someday

WEDO offers this sorting mode by default. To plan a task :

  1. Click on the task to plan

  2. From the details pane on the right side of the screen, click on set planned date field to modify it (the date of the creation day is entered by default)

  3. Plan using the quick buttons or click directly on the date you want to plan

Planned tasks are then sorted into sections according to their planned date:

  1. All tasks to be done today

  2. All tasks to be done tomorrow

  3. All tasks to be done beyond tomorrow

  4. All tasks that do not have a planned date

Quick buttons for planning

The quick buttons at the top of the calendar allow you to plan quickly.

Tips for effective planning

The planned date is the date modified when using the Organize tool > Plan. There is a trick to quickly plan a series of tasks.

  1. Click on the magic wand icon

  2. A window opens, click on Plan

  3. A window opens, select the desired plan. 2 options : Today or Later

  4. Clicking on Later allows you to select a projection in time.

  5. Scroll through the tasks in the list to plan them.

The magic wand icon appears at the end of each task group heading:

  • In the personal space after each section of time (today, tomorrow, later, someday).

  • In the workspace after each time section (today, tomorrow, later, someday) or after each personalized section.

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