Task Due Dates

The due date is the date on which the task must be completed.

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Define a due date

The planned date is often used as the start date and the due date as the end date. To set a due date :

  1. Click on the task for which you need to set a due date.

  2. From the details pane on the right side of the screen, click on the Set due date or recurrence field.

  3. Set the due date using the quick buttons or click directly on the expected date from the calendar.

Tip to define due dates efficiently

A trick allows you to quickly define due dates for a tasks list.

  1. Click on the magic wand icon

  2. A window opens, click on Schedule due dates

  3. A window opens, select the due date you want

  4. Scroll through the tasks in the list to define their due dates.

The magic wand icon appears at the end of each task group heading:

  • In the personal space after each section of time (today, tomorrow, later, someday).

  • In the workspace after each time section (today, tomorrow, later, someday) or after each personalized section.

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