Delegate tasks

It is possible to delegate tasks to other users on your network in order to collaborate effectively.

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Delegate tasks

  1. Click on the icon to the right of the task, or click on the task and then click on the icon from the details pane

  2. Select the user to whom the task is to be delegated or directly enter his or her name or initials in the field provided

Info: WEDO proposes here the 10 people to whom you most often delegate tasks.

Delegated tasks

The tasks you have delegated are then grouped together so that you can view them in one place. To access them :

  1. Go to your personal space

  2. Click on Delegated Tasks at the top left of the screen

  3. All delegated tasks are listed here with the name of the new person in charge.

Tips for effective delegation

Thanks to a trick, you can quickly delegate a series of tasks.

  1. Click on the magic wand icon

  2. A window opens, click on Assign

  3. Select the user to assign the task to

  4. Scroll down the list to assign tasks to someone else.

Info: WEDO allows you to scroll through the tasks one after the other while simultaneously proposing colleagues to assign them to.

The magic wand icon appears at the end of each task group heading:

  • In the personal space after each section of time (today, tomorrow, to come, one day).

  • In the workspace after each time section (today, tomorrow, coming, one day) or after each personalized section.

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