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Enable two-factor authentication
Enable two-factor authentication

WEDO integrates two-factor authentication, an additional solution to protect access to your data.

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What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication, 2FA, is a process that adds an extra level of security to an account on a website. Once activated, two-factor authentication protects your data in two ways: by requesting your password, as usual, and then by asking you to enter a unique code. This way, even if someone who has had access to your password tries to log into your account, they will not be able to enter it without entering this additional code. This also means that each time you log in to a new device, you will have to enter a code.

Enable two-factor authentication

Go to Settings (1), click Password & 2FA (2), and then click Enable two-factor authentication (3).

Enter your usual password in the field provided (4) then click on Next (5).

You are then prompted to use an authentication application that will generate your access codes. If you don't have one yet, we recommend you use Microsoft Authenticator which you can download from the App Store or Google Play (6).

Once the authentication application has been installed on your smartphone, it needs to be set up. If you have opted for Microsoft Authenticator, add an account by clicking on + and then click on Other account. Then scan the QR code viewed (7) to generate a one-time use code.

Info: If you have an authentication application without the scan option, there is an alternative solution: the code in numbers and letters is the replica of the QR code, you can copy/paste it instead of scanning.

The authentication application is now linked to your WEDO account. Disposable codes are automatically generated every 30 seconds. Click Next to continue activation (8).

WEDO then asks you to enter the 6-digit code generated by your authentication application (9). To continue, click Next (10).

The last step to finalize activation is to define a recovery solution in case you lose access to your authentication application. We can send you a recovery code via SMS to restore access to your account. Enter your cell phone number in the specified format (11) and click Next (12).

You then receive a 4-digit code on your cell phone. Enter it in the field provided for this purpose (13) then click on Next (14).

As an additional recovery solution, we invite you to keep these 8 one-time use codes so that you can recover your account if necessary. For example, you can use them in case you lose your cell phone. We suggest that you copy and paste them into an attached document that you will keep in your personal files. To continue, click on Next (15).

If you have not copied and saved your 8 security codes, you can still click on Back.

To finalize the activation of the two-factor authentication, click Activate two-factor authentication (16). The activation of the two-factor authentication is complete. From now on, when you authenticate yourself, you will need to enter a security code provided by your authentication application.

Login once two-factor authentication is enabled

To login to your WEDO account, enter your email address and your usual password and click Login.

Then enter your 6-digit code (1) that you need to retrieve from your authentication application under the account you set up with WEDO.

If you don't want the two-factor authentication to be requested each time you log in from this browser, usually the one linked to your main computer, you can check the Don't ask me anymore option on this browser (2). By checking this option, however, the two-factor authentication will still be effective if you log in from another browser or from another computer. To access your WEDO account, click Login (3).

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