Problems with two-factor authentication?

If you are experiencing problems with the two-factor authentication, you can request help by clicking on the link below. There are two ways to recover the two-factor authentication.

SMS retrieval

First option: use SMS recovery. Enter your cell phone number in the format +41 79 123 45 67 and we will send you a unique code by SMS.

After receiving the code on your cell phone, enter it in the field provided and click Confirm. You have access to your WEDO account again.

Recovery with emergency code

Second option: use a recovery code. Enter one of your 8 recovery codes previously saved when activating the two-factor authentication. Click Confirm. You have access to your WEDO account again.

Please note that each code can only be used once, you only have 7 codes left. Therefore, you may prefer to retrieve by SMS if your cell phone is nearby.

The use of data recovery gives you back access to your account, but remember to disable two-factor authentication if you lose your cell phone. Remember that this solution is an emergency tool and is not a common connection method.

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