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It is possible to convert emails to tasks in order to clear your inbox and get organized at the same time.

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Create a task by email

To create a task by sending an email you must first retrieve the appropriate destination address. There are three options when creating tasks in WEDO by sending an email:

  • Create a task for yourself

  • Create a task automatically delegated to a colleague

  • Create a task automatically shared in a workspaces

The email must then respect certain rules regarding its composition. It is possible to create tasks by email only by sending messages from an email address associated with WEDO.

Create a task in your personal space

From your profile, click on Settings (1)

Under MY SETTINGS click on Email to task (2)

Then copy the address in the blue box (3).

Info: you can quickly turn your emails into tasks in your personal space using the following destination address: [email protected].

Create a task automatically delegated to a colleague

To directly assign a task by sending an email to a colleague, you have to retrieve the address of his personal space via the Users page.

Click on the shortcut at the bottom of the main menu (1)

Then copy the appropriate address according to the chosen recipient (2)

Creating a task in a workspaces

To create a task directly in a workspaces, retrieve the destination address from the workspaces:

Go to workspaces (1)

Click on the button with the three vertical points (2)

Click on Email to task (3)

A window opens, copy the address of the space (4)

Convert email to task

Once you have retrieved the correct destination address, go to your personal email account to compose the email according to the following rules:

  1. The subject of the email will become the title of the task

  2. The content of the email will become the description of the task

  3. All files attached to the email will be attached to the task

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