How do I log in ?

Everything you need to know to connect to the WEDO platform.

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About WEDO

  • WEDO is a web-based application for managing team meetings, tasks and checklists.

  • The platform is accessible from all devices: PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones.

  • Each organization has its own network.

  • Each employee has his or her own account.

Connect to the WEDO platform

Before accessing the WEDO platform, all new users receive an email inviting them to join the network and configure their account by choosing a password. Once your account is configured :

  1. Enter the URL in your browser (or click directly on the link)

  2. Identify yourself with your email and password

  3. Click on Login

Info : you can check the option Remember me for 30 days, so you won't need to enter your login information every time you log in. For the option to remain active make sure you do not log out. Simply close your browser window.

Log out of the WEDO platform

To log out of the WEDO platform :

  1. Go to your Profile

  2. Click Log out

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