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Checklist settings

The settings allow you to set up a checklist.

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The settings

To edit the settings of a checklist :

  1. Go to the template of the checklists in question

  2. Locate the checklist to be set and click on the button with the three vertical points

  3. Click Settings

Name of the checklist

It is possible to edit the name of a checklist.

  1. The old name of the checklist is automatically taken over.

  2. Enter the new name of the checklist

  3. Click on Rename Checklist to save the changes.

Description of the checklist

It is possible to add a description of the checklist or edit an existing text. As a reminder, the description of the template of the checklist is reported in all the descriptions of the checklists started from it.

Here the bold text shows the description previously entered in the template of Employees onboarding and the normal text corresponds to the description specific to Pierre Dupont's checklist (see example to start the checklist from the template of Employees onboarding, article: Starting the checklist).

  1. Add a description or edit the existing text

  2. Edit the text formatting

  3. Click on Save

Customized sections of the checklist

Customized sections allow you to organize the checklist by integrating sub-groups to sort the tasks. If the checklist template includes custom sections, these will be carried over to each checklist launched from it. On the other hand, if sections are created in a checklist, they will be active only in the checklist. To create custom sections in a checklist :

  1. Click on the field in question and enter the name of the custom section.

  2. Click on + or simply press Enter to validate the entry.

  3. The sections entered are listed here

Once the customized sections are entered, it is possible to delete them (1), edit their names (2) or move them by clicking on them without releasing the mouse.

Under the Pierre Dupont checklist are now the custom sections created. It is now possible to distribute the tasks in the sections by clicking on them without releasing the mouse.

List view

Customized sections allow unlimited use cases: project stages, progress statuses, groups by department, etc.

Workspaces with which the checklist is shared

It is possible to share a checklist with one or more workspaces. This checklist will then appear in the Checklists tab of the workspaces in question. In this example, the checklist is shared with the Staff Interviews space. To add a workspaces in which the checklist will be shared, click on the + button (1) and then click on the desired space (2). To remove a workspaces with which the checklist should no longer be shared, click on the trash can icon (3) to the right of the checklist label.

To validate the changes click on Save (4).

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