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Files tab

The Files tab, present in each workspace, works like a share folder.

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Organization of the Files tab

Each workspace in WEDO allows you to share files with the members concerned. In the Files tab, you will find :

  • Files shared with the workspace: each user can easily link them to the tasks or meetings concerned.

  • Non-shared files: here you will find all the files that are only attached to meetings and tasks in the space.

To access the Files tab of a workspace :

  1. Go to the workspace in question

  2. Click on the Files tab

Adding files to a workspace

To add files to the workspace, click on Add File.

A window opens with two options for adding:

  • Drag and drop files

  • Access the folders on the computer by clicking on Select Files

Create folders in the tab

Optimize your filing system by creating folders to organize your files. To create a folder:

  • Click 📁 Folder

  • Enter the name of the folder

  • Click on Add a folder

💡 Tips:

  • Click on the house icon 🏠 to return to the base of the hierarchy.

  • To go back, use the back button on the browser (or your mouse 🖱️).

Share files in a workspace

Want to share a file attached to a task or meeting in the workspace so that all members can access it easily?

Here's how to share a file in a room:

  • Select the Unshared filter

  • Click on the file to share

  • Check the share with workspace box

Sort files

Want to sort a list of files? Click on the column headers to sort by :

  • Name

  • Size

  • Update date

  • User

Information panel

This panel opens on the right side of the screen when you click on a file in the tab. The information mentioned about the file is as follows:

  • Name

  • Format

  • Location

  • User who added the file

  • Date and time of addition

  • Weight

  • Tag

  • Links to the elements to which the file is linked (meeting or task)

Version management

WEDO manages conflicts between different versions of the same file. When a file with the same format and name is added to the workspace, WEDO offers two options for handling the conflict:

  • Replace the existing file with the newly added version

  • Keep both versions of the file in the workspace

ℹ️ Info: if you want to keep two versions, a suffix with the version number automatically completes the name of the added file (e.g.: _2; _3; _4; etc.)

For each file, there is a history of versions that can be consulted via the details panel. To access it, click on the file then on the ⋮ button and on versioning.

It is possible to download, restore or delete a version. To do so:

  1. Click on the button with the three vertical items of the concerned version

  2. Select the appropriate action

Search through files in the space

There is a search tool in the Files tab. The search is only done through the selected filter.

Each user can also search through the files in all the workspaces of which they are a member.

For more information about searching for a file, please see the following article: Search for a file.

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