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What is Activity feed?
What is Activity feed?

The WEDO platform is equipped with an activity feed system that records important information.

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What is activity feed?

The activity feed is a chronological log of all the important information concerning a user or a workspace. The information included in the feed is as follows:

  • Comments on tasks

  • Decisions taken during meetings

  • Delegated tasks that have been completed

  • Workspaces created

  • Adding members to a workspace

  • Adding members to a checklist template

  • Overall notes

The feed of personal activity

To consult your activity feed :

  1. Click on your Personal Space

  2. Click on the Activity Feed tab

The activity feed of a workspaces

To view the activity feed for a workspaces :

  1. Click on the workspaces in question

  2. Click on the Info tab

  3. The activity feed is at the bottom of the window

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