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Custom fields

Add custom fields in the Task Details panel to refine and structure the information.

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Only administrators can manage the network settings.

These settings concern all users in the company and therefore apply to the entire network.

Types of custom fields proposed

The cases of use are numerous thanks to the 6 types of predefined fields :

  1. Short text : addition of a field to enter short text

  2. Number : addition of a field for entering a number

  3. Date : added a field to choose a date using a calendar

  4. Multiple choice : addition of a field offering multiple choices to be defined

  5. Drop-down list : addition of a field with a drop-down list with several options to be defined

  6. File : addition of a field to integrate a specific file

Add a custom field

To configure the network custom fields :

  1. From your profile, go to Settings

  2. Under Network Settings, click Custom Fields

  3. Click on Add a custom field

  4. A window opens, choose the type of field you want (see previous section).

  5. A window opens, define the field label by choosing an icon and a name. The icon will be used to represent the field in the task details panel.

  6. Define if the custom field is global, two options here: a custom field can be activated on all tasks in the network or only on one or more workspaces.

  7. In this example, the Drop-down list type has been chosen, so you need to define the options in this list by entering them in the field provided. It is possible to Sort the options not in alphabetical order or to choose their order manually using the tool to the left of the option.

  8. If necessary, choose a colour to distinguish between the different options.

  9. Click Save

The custom field now appears in the details panel of all tasks on the network or tasks in one or more workspaces depending on the option chosen. It is now possible to choose the Task Progress Status based on the options provided.

Modify a custom field

It is possible to modify a custom field by clicking on the pencil icon.

Sort tasks according to a custom field

It is also possible to sort the tasks in the personal space or in each workspace according to the custom fields created. Click on the sort button (1) and select the field in question (2), here Progress Status. The sections grouping the tasks have the names of the different predefined statuses, as shown in the image below.

Archive/Delete a custom field

Archive a field

Click on the three vertical dots and then on Archive. If a field is archived, it will be hidden but the values entered will be retained.

Click Archive again to confirm the action.

Delete a field

Click on the three vertical dots and then on Delete. Caution: If a field is deleted, all values entered in that field will be deleted.

Click Delete to confirm the action.

View archived items

A tab displays the list of archived fields (1). It is possible to Unarchive an archived field. To do so, first click the three vertical dots and then on Unarchive (2).

Task sharing and custom fields

If you share a task in a workspace, the custom fields enabled in the workspace will automatically be displayed in the task details panel. If you take a task out of a workspace, the custom fields are simply hidden. This system leaves the flexibility of task sharing intact while ensuring no loss of data.

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