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Join a checklist template linked to a team
Join a checklist template linked to a team

This article explains how to join a checklist template linked to a team.

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When you click on a team and then click on the Templates tab, you access all the checklist templates related to that team. There is a distinction to be made between two categories of checklist templates within the same team:

Templates that concern you directly, those of which you are a member.

Models that do not concern you directly but that you can join if necessary.

Checklist templates that directly concern me

The checklist templates that concern you and for which you are a stakeholder are those of which you are a member. Among these templates, you can also determine which are your favorites, by clicking on the heart icon of the card representing the template. These templates will appear under the team in question in the main menu on the left, giving you easy access to them.

In the example below, only one template appears under the HR team, and that is the one chosen as a favorite.

All team models

Team members have access to the contents of all public models related to a team. However, you can only join those templates that directly concern you.

Joining a checklist template within a team

To join a checklist template you are not yet a member of, click on the Join button (1). You are now a member of the template. The template is one of your favorites and is in your main menu on the left side of the screen (2). You can click on the heart icon again if you wish to remove it from your favorites.

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