What is a team?

Teams, groups of users, allow you to structure your network in order to distribute workspaces and checklist templates.

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What is a team?

A team represents a department or service within your organization. This group of people may collaborate on different projects, share the same specifications or attend joint meetings. The idea is to link workspaces and checklist templates to the different teams in your organization.

This way of grouping collaborators is particularly aimed at structuring your network. It also facilitates the integration of new users, who can simply be added to the appropriate team when their accounts are created. They then have direct access to the workspaces and checklist templates that apply to them.

Here's an overview of what your network looks like thanks to in teams organization:

Aperçu d'une structure type dans WEDO, avec des équipes, des espaces de travail et des modèles de checklists

Teams gather workspaces and checklist templates. These elements are divided into two tabs :

Les équipes regroupent des espaces de travail
Les équipes regroupent aussi des modèles de checklists
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