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Versioning management
Versioning management

It is possible to manage conflicts between different versions of the same file.

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Version management in the workspace

WEDO manages conflicts between different versions of the same file. When a file with the same format and name is added to the workspace, WEDO informs you and gives you two options to manage the conflict:

  1. Replace the existing file with the newly added version

  2. Keep both versions of the file in the workspace

Info: if you want to keep both versions, a suffix with the version number will automatically complete the name of the added file (ex : _2 ; _3 ; _4 ; etc.)

Version history

For each file, you can consult the version history:

  1. Click on the file

  2. Click on the button

  3. Click on Versioning

It is possible to download, restore or delete a version. To do this, take an old version, click on the ⋮ button (1) and select the desired action (2).

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