Duplicate workspace

The duplicate function is used to copy a workspace to avoid having to set it up again.

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Duplicate a workspace

Only space moderators can duplicate it.

It is possible to duplicate a workspace. Duplication allows you to create a new workspace and take over all tasks and the contents of their detail panels. Completed tasks are also resumed.

To duplicate a workspace :

  1. Go to the space concerned

  2. Click on the button with the three vertical points

  3. Click on Duplicate Workspace

A window will open allowing you to configure the duplication.

Name field

Choose the color and name of the duplicate (4)

Team Field

Select the team to which the duplicate will be linked (5)

Choose whether space members should be copied, two options (6):

  • Yes: the members are the same, so you want to copy them.

  • No: the members are not the same, you will have to select them manually.

Choose the options that will be included in the task details panel, 5 options (7) :

  • Take back the assignees of the tasks

  • Take back the watchers of the tasks

  • Take back files attached to the tasks

  • Take back the values from the custom fields

  • Set a date for a new relative schedule of tasks*

Finally click on Duplicate (8)

*The last option allows you to set a date to reschedule all your tasks. The date selected will correspond to the first task scheduled in time (the first task to be completed within a project for example). The relative scheduling of the other tasks will be done between this date and the farthest date in time (i.e. the date of the last task to be done in a project). Here is a diagram to help you understand this option:

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