Modify your main email address

You can change the primary email address linked to your account.

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ℹ️ Info :

  • You will need to use your primary email address to log in.

  • Notifications will be sent to your primary email address

  • Each email address linked to your account can be used to send an email to task.

Add an email address linked to your account

  • Click on your profile at the bottom of the main menu, then on Settings (1-2)

  • Under MY SETTINGS, click on Emails (3)

  • Click on Add an email address (4)

  1. First enter your password

  2. Then enter a new email address

  3. Finally, enter the verification code you received by email and click on Verify.

Set a primary email address

Once the email address has been correctly verified, you can set it as your primary email address:

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