Modify your subscription

You want to add a user but have reached the maximum number of licenses? Modify your subscription in a few clicks!

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Only administrators are allowed to manage the network settings.

To modify your subscription :

  1. From your profile, go to Settings

  2. Under Organization settings, click on Billing

  3. Click on Upgrade subscription

  4. Select the desired number of users (in this example, we're upgrading from 70 to 80 users)

  5. A prorated invoice is automatically calculated*.

  6. Click on Next

  7. Verify your billing information

  8. Click on Next

  9. Confirm that you have read and accept the subscription contract

  10. Then click on Upgrade

  11. You will receive an invoice for the added licenses by e-mail.

*The amount is calculated as follows: number of users added X price X number of months remaining until the next yearly renewal (to the day).

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