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I forgot my password. How can I access WEDO?
I forgot my password. How can I access WEDO?

Lost your password? Reset it or contact one of your network administrators.

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I want to reset my password myself

To recover the password giving access to the WEDO platform :

  1. Click on Forgot your password?

  2. A window will open. Enter the e-mail address of your WEDO account, to which the password reset instructions will be sent.

  3. Click on the Send reset link button.

  4. If there is an account associated with the email address provided, you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Then please follow the reset instructions sent by email.

I cannot reset my password and need to contact my network administrator.

Can't reset your password? Contact one of your network administrators and ask them to send you an invitation to reset your password. Here's how to see who your network administrators are:

  1. Click on Browse Organization, then Users

  2. Click on the Administrators filter

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