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What are the rights of an external user in a workspace?
What are the rights of an external user in a workspace?

Add external users to your network and collaborate with them easily

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Network administrators are allowed to create external accounts.

ℹ️ If necessary, an administrator can allow a user to create accounts without giving them the role of administrator.

It is then possible to add an external user to a workspace. Only in the workspace of which he is a member, this person will be able to :

  • Create tasks

  • End tasks

  • Delete tasks

  • Modify tasks

The user will also have access to the meetings, as long as he/she is an attendee. They will also be able to modify the agenda and meeting minutes if their access rights allow it.

However, an external user cannot create workspaces or add meetings and cannot see workspaces of which he is not a member.

In summary, an extern will not be able to:

  • Manage a workspace or a checklist template

  • Assign tasks to other colleagues in your network (outside of the workspace of which they are a member)

  • View the history of a task

  • Export task lists

  • View the Users page

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