Workspaces display

Display your workspaces as a mosaic or a list. Sort them thanks to the different filters available.

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Show workspaces

Access the workspaces on your network using the shortcut at the bottom of the main menu.

Mosaic display

By default, the spaces you are a member of are displayed as a mosaic in the form of maps. Different filters allow you to choose which spaces you want to display on the screen:

(1) Spaces of which you are a member

(2) Spaces of which you are not a member

(3) Spaces with a status

(4) All spaces to which you have access

List view

To switch to a list view, click on the button provided for this purpose.

You will find the same filters mentioned above. In the list view, you can sort the spaces:

(1) By name (in alphabetical order)

(2) By status

(4) By due date

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