How to subscribe to WEDO?

Are you coming to the end of your trial period? Find out how to subscribe to the WEDO collaborative platform.

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Subscribe to WEDO after the trial period

At the end of your trial period, subscribe to the WEDO platform to make it easy for your teams to collaborate. Here is the procedure:

In the top banner of the screen, click on Subscribe (1)

Choice of plan

Choose the currency in which you want the invoice to be generated (2)

Then select your plan, two options to choose from: Pro or Enterprise (3)

Determine the number of licenses, i.e. the number of users who will be active on the platform (4) and click on Next (5)

Billing Address

Enter the data for the billing address and click on Next (6). On the left side you will find an overview of the entered data.

Confirmation of the subscription

You will find the summary of your annual invoice. Read and accept the subscription contract (7). On the left side of the screen, access the subscription contract that you can download or print if needed.

To finish, Subscribe (8), then Proceed to Checkout (9).

You can enter your account details (10) and continue with Next (11).

Enter your payment information (12) then click on Next (13)

All data entered during your trial period is retained. Your organization can now use WEDO in an unlimited way!

Want to add users to your network but don't have enough licenses? You can upgrade your subscription as soon as you want!

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