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Add topics

Find out how to add topics to your meeting.

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+ Add a Topic

From the table of contents, you can add a Topic to your agenda using the + Add Topic button. Then enter the Title of your Topic.

Add a Topic under a section

If your agenda has sections, you can add a Topic directly under the correct section. From the Table of Contents, hover over the section you want to add a Topic to, click on the ⋮ icon and then click + Add Topic. Then enter the Title of your Topic.

Import several topics

You have an existing agenda? Import all your topics in a few clicks! To import topics, click on the ⋮ icon and then on Import Agenda. Paste your text in the field, then click Next to preview the result.

💡 You can paste a bulleted list, numbered list or any text with line breaks (from Word, Excel or anywhere). Each line will be a new element.

Click on Topic only and see the preview of the result. Finally, click on Import.

Add blocks to enter content in your meeting.

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