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Mark a Topic as addressed
Mark a Topic as addressed

Mark the topics that were addressed during a meeting.

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This option allows you to mark the topics addressed during the Ongoing meeting in order to progress through the agenda. A Topic is addressed when it does not require further discussion or information.

Mark a Topic as Addressed during the Ongoing meeting

Click the Addressed button when you have finished discussing a Topic. The next Topic will automatically appear on the screen to facilitate writing the meeting minutes.

If necessary, you can un-address a Topic marked as addressed.

💡 Take stock of the progress of your meeting. From the table of contents, view the topics that have already been addressed. They are followed by a pictogram ✅

ℹ️ Concerning the reviewed topics

Topics that you wish to Revisit at the next meeting or at a later date are automatically marked as addressed in the Ongoing meeting.

ℹ️ Concerning recurrent topics

The topics addressed will not return to the agenda of a future meeting unless they are recurring topics.

Mark all topics of a meeting as addressed

You can mark all topics as addressed just before you lock the meeting. Click on Step 5/5 Locked and then from the window* that appears, click on All addressed.

⚠️* Only the topics you have not yet ruled on in the Ongoing meeting will be displayed in the window.

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