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How do I import agenda items from my previous meeting?
How do I import agenda items from my previous meeting?

Discover how agenda items may be imported from your previous meeting.

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WEDO has just added a new feature that allows you to set a status for each topic; this feature simply allows you during a meeting to define if a topic should be revisited at a future meeting or not.

This also avoids having to re-import the entire agenda from the previous meeting each time; which usually requires deleting all unnecessary items.

The question comes up:

"What happens if I didn't resolve the topics during my meeting?”

In such case, here is how to proceed:

  1. Open the most recent meeting

  2. Navigate to the next one or create the next one

  3. Click on "Resolve previous meeting topics".

We explain each step in detail below.

1. Open the latest meeting

To open the latest meeting, I go to the relevant workspace and click on the Meetings tab (1) and then on the Past filter (2). In my example, I go to the workspace Management Committee. My latest meeting is the one of December 16, 2021. Click on the meeting to open it (3).

According to my example, here is my open meeting of December 16, 2021:

2. Navigate to the next or create the next

Using the navigation button in the header (on the blue background), I can navigate to the next meeting. Navigate to the next meeting (1). Here in my example, the meeting of December 23, 2021.

If no next meeting is scheduled, you can click on the + Add next button.

3. Click on “Resolve previous meeting topics”

In the next meeting (the one on 23.12.2021) there is a yellow button above the table of contents called "Resolve previous meeting topics". Click on it (1).

The following window will appear :

Finally, click on “Revisit all (1)

As you can see, my previous agenda has been completely imported:

What's next?

Of course, for the following meetings, you can simply choose whether you want to revisit each topic or not using the buttons provided:

Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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