Meeting History

View the history of a meeting to track all the actions performed on it.

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To view the history of a meeting, click on the ⋮ button and then on History. View the change log and view older versions of your texts if necessary.

The following actions are recorded in the meeting history:

  • Deleting the meeting

  • Adding the meeting

  • Restore meeting

  • Sharing a meeting by email

  • Start meeting (go to step 3 - Ongoing)

  • End meeting (go to step 4 - Review)

  • Add attendees

  • Delete attendees

  • Add a role (access management)

  • Remove a role (access management)

  • Add a section

  • Deleting a section

  • Modification of the title of a section

  • Add a Topic

  • Postpone a Topic

  • Modification of the title of a Topic

  • Action to mark a Topic as addressed

  • Action revisit a Topic

  • Delete a Topic

  • Add a user to the meeting

  • Delete a user in the meeting

  • Change the role of a user (access management)

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