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Use case: discover how to organize the table of contents of your agenda.

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To organize your table of contents, the outline of your meeting agenda, you have several options:

Import an existing agenda and reorganize it in WEDO

Do you have an existing agenda? Import all your agenda items in a few clicks! To import an existing agenda, click on the icon and then on Import Agenda. Paste your text into the field then click Next to preview the result.

💡 You can paste a bulleted list, numbered list or any text with line breaks (from Word, Excel or anywhere). Each line will be a new element.

Click on Sections and Topics, Sections Only or Topics Only and preview the result. Finally, click on Import.

👆🏻 From the table of contents on the left side of the screen, you can drag and drop a section or drag and drop a Topic to move them into the agenda if necessary.

Manually add sections and topics

If you want to create a table of contents from scratch in WEDO, use the buttons at the top of the table to add sections and topics.

💡 Is your table of contents on a single hierarchical level? Add only topics!

🔢 Your table of contents needs to be organized on different hierarchical levels? Add sections, they will allow you to arrange and organize your topics, just like folders.

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