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Lock/Unlock a meeting

Find out how to lock a meeting to freeze information, or unlock it to make changes.

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Locking a meeting

To lock a meeting, you must be an Editor.

  1. Click on the "Lock meeting" step.

    If you haven't already done so, decide on the topics for the next meeting:

    1. Click on All processed

    2. Click on Review all

    3. Skip the step

2. Enter the 4-digit code provided by WEDO

3. Click on Lock meeting

Unlocking a meeting

To unlock a meeting, you must have the role of Editor.

⚠️ Unlocking a meeting is only authorized within 30 days of it being locked.

  1. Click on the 3 small dots

  2. Click on "Unlock meeting".

  3. The meeting changes status to "Unlocked": you can proceed with modifications.

  4. You can Lock it again using the corresponding button.

  5. Once unlocked, the button will display the status with a yellow coloring.

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