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How to recover a deleted Topic?
How to recover a deleted Topic?

View the meeting history to access the texts of the deleted Topic.

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If you deleted a Topic from your meeting by mistake, you can access the texts it contained via the meeting history:

  1. Click on the ⋮ button at the top right in the blue banner

  2. Click on History

  3. Locate the line that mentions the deletion of the Topic and click on the View Latest Version link

  • Under the Text Changes tab, you will access the raw text blocks (paragraphs and decisions) of the deleted Topic.

  • Under the Version overview tab, you will find a complete overview of the deleted Topic.

How to restore a deleted Topic ❓

  1. Create a new Topic from the table of contents of your meeting

  2. Access the history

  3. Copy the text to restore

  4. Paste the text in the new Topic created

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