Add a vote in a meeting

Learn how to add a vote in a meeting Topic.

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ℹ️ Only meeting editors can add a vote.

You can add a Vote block to make it easier to collect votes and pass decisions in your meetings.

  • Select the Vote block

  • Enter Vote using the / command

  • Add a vote from the + icon in the left margin

Setting up and managing a vote

From the details panel, you can set up and manage the vote:

  1. Add a Title and Description

  2. Choose the Responses

    By default, WEDO adds Yes and No, but you can change these options or add other answers.

  3. Options

    > Abstention possible

    Check the option to add "Abstain" in the answer possibilities

    > Request for Clarification

    Allow voters to ask for clarification on the vote

  4. Voters > ℹ️ All attendees allowed to vote

    Click Manage Voters to select attendees who are allowed to vote. The voters are common to all votes in the meeting.

  5. Prepare the Decision that will result from the vote

  6. Close the vote

    After closing, the selected voters will not be able to vote anymore.

  7. Confirm the result of the vote

    If you have prepared a decision, it will be automatically added to the Topic of your agenda.

  8. Go to the Voting History

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