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Choose how to collect responses from a vote
Choose how to collect responses from a vote

Learn how to collect responses and manage voting results in a meeting.

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Choosing how to collect responses

After adding your vote, the editor determines how to collect the responses.

There are different use cases for managing votes:

  • Option n°1 | Direct Voting: Each attendee adds their response

  • Option n°2 | Proxy voting: the editor votes for the attendees

  • Option n°3 | Vote by correspondence: the editor registers the results after counting the ballots.

Option n°1 | Direct vote: each attendee adds his or her response

The editor selects the attendees who can vote by clicking on Manage voters.

Voters will then be able to add their vote directly in the meeting:

🔒 Voting access rights

The editor chooses for each role at which step it will be possible to vote.

In the example below:

Users with the Attendee role will be able to vote when the agenda is "Released", or the meeting is "Ongoing".

💡 Voters find all pending votes in one place:

Each voter finds all the Topics they have to vote for in a notification area at the top right 🗳️ :

Option n°2 : Proxy voting : the editor votes for the attendees

Depending on your internal operations, you may want to use a show of hands in your meetings or the editor may want to keep control of the final results in WEDO.

The meeting editor can then modify the results and add the answers of each attendee.

ℹ️ To ensure full transparency, it is mentioned that X voted on behalf of Y.

Option n°3 | Postal vote: the collection of votes

With this method of vote collection, the vote is not nominal; it simply expresses a percentage based on the possible answers (out of 100 voters, we collected 60 Yes against 40 No). After an absentee ballot, the editor can record the result of the vote in the meeting minutes after the votes are counted.

ℹ️ No voters were selected for this vote, the editor manually changes the results based on possible responses.

Confirming the result of a vote

After the responses have been collected, the editor can Confirm the result of the vote. After confirmation:

  • The vote is closed.

  • The decision prepared in the voting details panel is automatically added to the meeting minutes after confirmation of the result.

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