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Authorize an email address

Add an e-mail address to your account or network, to authorize it to create tasks using the "e-mail as task" function.

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You can add email addresses to your personal account or network, enabling them to create tasks, comments or topics simply by sending or forwarding an email. Only known addresses in the network are authorized to create tasks in WEDO, guaranteeing the highest level of security.

Authorize an email address linked to your own account

By default, the email address of your WEDO account is authorized. However, you may need to authorize other email addresses to take full advantage of the "Email to task / comments / topic" function. By adding additional email addresses to your account, you will be able to extend this authorization to these specific functions.

To do this, access your account settings, then select the "Emails" tab. Click on "+ Add e-mail address (1-2-3-4)" and follow the steps to complete the addition process.

Once added, this email address will also be enabled to create "email to task / comment / topic", and will be associated with your WEDO account.

Authorize an email address in the network

⛔️ Only an administrator can add authorized email addresses to the network.

Authorizing generic or non-nominative email addresses such as info@, marketing@, it@, scanner123@, ... offers the possibility of creating "Emails to..." that are not directly associated with a specific user. By integrating them into the network, these addresses are not tied to a particular identity and can be freely named.

Examples of use

  • In my settings, I authorize a new email address that I use frequently, in order to unclutter my inbox and get organized at the same time.

  • In my network settings, I authorize a printer's email address for scanning documents to be sent as a task in WEDO (e.g. in a workspace dedicated to scanning incoming mail).

  • I authorize, in the network settings, a sorting email address (e.g. an email address dedicated to applications) to create a task in WEDO for each application received, in the workspace dedicated to incoming applications.

  • I authorize, in the network settings, the global email address of a department (e.g. admin@, info@, marketing@, support@) to create topics in a meeting.

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