Authorize an email address in the network

Add an email address to allow the sender to create tasks with the "email to task" feature in your network.

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ℹ️ Only an administrator can add authorized email addresses in the network.

You can add email addresses in your network to allow the sender to create tasks by sending email. Only known addresses in the network are allowed to create tasks in WEDO.

Add an email address to my network

Go to Network Settings > click on Authorized Emails > Add Email Address.

Examples of use:

  • I authorize a printer's email address to scan documents that will be sent as a task in WEDO.

  • I authorize a sorting email address (e.g. an email address dedicated to applications) to create a task in WEDO for each application received.

💡Once email is authorized, you can create tasks by sending email directly to a workspace > retrieve the destination address from the workspace settings.

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