Manage voters for the meeting

Select the voters for a meeting and choose which steps they can vote on.

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Direct voting: allow each attendee to add their response

The meeting editor can choose via the access management who are the users allowed to vote. To select voters:

  • Click on the meeting's Accesses

  • Check the voters

  • Click on Save

If you have already created a vote, you can also click on Manage Voters via the details panel:

⚠️ Voters are common to all votes in the meeting.

Choose at which steps of the meeting, users can vote

ℹ️ By default, no users can vote at the Ongoing step, during which the editor sets up the vote.

However, the editor can choose at which steps users will be able to vote.

For each role, check the "can vote" option according to the step:

  • Click on Edit Roles

  • Click on a role and check the "can vote" option

  • Click on Save

⬇️ In this example, users with the Attendee role will be able to vote when the agenda is in the Validated step and the meeting is Ongoing.

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