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For each workspace, choose the default tab and select the active tabs.

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ℹ️ Only the moderators of the space can set up the tabs.

Depending on the function of your workspace, you can:

  • Choose the default tab > the tab that automatically opens when I access the workspace.

  • Select the active tabs > the tabs that are displayed inside the workspace:

    • Info tab

    • Meetings tab

    • Tasks tab

    • Files tab

    • Checklists tab

Reminder: Create workspaces to manage your meetings, projects, department tasks, client tasks or any other mission that includes collaboration through sessions, tasks and files.

Choose the default tab

To choose the default tab for a workspace:

  • Click on the ⋮ button and then on Settings

  • Click on Tabs

  • Select the default tab via the drop-down menu

  • Click on Save

Selecting the active tabs

To select the tabs you want to display in the workspace:

  • Click the ⋮ button and then click Settings

  • Click on Tabs

  • Check the tabs you want to activate

  • Click on Save

💡Case of use

My Executive Committee workspace

I have created a workspace to mainly manage my Executive Committee meetings. So I choose the Meeting tab by default and activate only the relevant tabs to collaborate in this space: Info, Meetings, Tasks and Files.

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