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History of a workspace
History of a workspace

View the history of a workspace to track all actions performed on it.

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To view the history of a workspace:

  • Go to the workspace in question

  • Click on the ⋮ button and then on History

View the change log.

The following actions are recorded in the history of a workspace:

  • Create a workspace

  • Add a member to a workspace

  • Remove a member from the workspace

  • Add a status to a workspace

  • Update the status of a workspace

  • Publish a note in a workspace (Info tab)

  • Modify the workspace description

  • Appoint a member as moderator of the workspace

  • Remove the moderator role from one of the members

  • Change the confidentiality of the workspace (Public VS Private)

  • Rename a workspace

  • Add a workspace to your favorites

  • Remove a workspace from your favorites

  • Change the color of the workspace

  • Create a workspace by duplicating another workspace

  • Archive a workspace

  • Unarchive a workspace

  • Delete a workspace

  • Restore a workspace

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