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Set up your profile

To set up your profile, go to your Settings (1) and under MY SETTINGS click Profile (2).

It is then possible to set up your personal information.

  • Choose a profile picture for your WEDO account (3)

  • Choose your display name - e.g. your first name (4)

  • Choose a background color for your initials. Initials can be edited in case of a change of last name for example. If you do not have a photo associated with your profile, your initials will be used instead. (5)

  • The first and last names are taken from the data entered at the time of network activation. They can be edited here if necessary. (6)

  • List your function within the organization (7)

  • Enter the telephone number where you can be reached (8)

  • Write the name of the department or service to which you belong (9)

  • Enter the name of your organization (10)

  • Determine the location of your organization (11)

  • Select the language of the WEDO interface. Available languages: English (UK), English (US), French (France), French (Switzerland), German (Germany), German (Switzerland) (12)

Click Save to confirm the changes (13)

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