Calendar synchronization

Synchronize WEDO with your personal calendar to keep track of your tasks and meetings.

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WEDO allows you to synchronize tasks with Outlook, Gmail, iCal and all other ICS-compatible calendars.

To synchronize your tasks with WEDO :

From your profile, click Settings (1)

Under MY SETTINGS, click on Calendar sync (2)

Synchronization options

It is possible to set up the synchronization settings. To do so, select the items to be synchronized by checking the different options :

  • Tasks with planned date - All tasks with a planned date will be synchronized.

  • Tasks with due date - All tasks with a due date will be synchronized.

  • Meetings - All dates of scheduled meetings you attend will be synchronized. In addition, the event description includes the agenda and a direct link to the meeting.

Synchronize tasks with a personal calendar

Once the synchronization options have been selected :

Copy the proposed link (3) and then import the link into your personal calendar, having previously identified the location where the link is to be imported (4).

We have added in the interface two examples of importing to Outlook and Google calendar.

Info :

  • The initial synchronization is instantaneous, but updating dates in WEDO may take time to refer to the calendar.

  • All people with this link will have access to the tasks in the account, so be careful with its sharing.

It is also possible to synchronize only the tasks and meetings in a workspaces. To do so :

  1. Go to the space in question

  2. Click on the button with the three vertical points

  3. Click on Calendar Synchro

  4. A window opens, check the items to be synchronized

  5. Copy the link to import it into your calendar

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