What is a workspace?

A workspace allows you to collaborate by sharing tasks and meetings.

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What is a workspace?

A workspace is used to bring colleagues together to work on a project, a weekly meeting, or a client. For example: management committee, new website, client ABC, project Y, etc. A workspace has members with whom to share information, tasks, meetings, and files.

Workspaces can be grouped into a team. For example, the management team meets weekly for committee meetings and collaborates on various projects. In this case, we recommend creating

  • An area for the management committee to manage the committee's tasks and meetings

  • A Project Y area to manage tasks and meetings related to the project

  • An area for project Z to manage tasks and meetings related to the project

It is also possible to create a workspace for other tasks, mandates, topics, sub-departments under the responsibility of the management team. For example:

  • A workspace objective

  • A workspace finances

  • A workspace budget

  • A workspace secretarial

In short, when employees come together in meetings, collaborate by sharing tasks, information or files, it makes sense to create a workspace.

Here you can see an example of the main menu structured with teams and workspaces:

Access all workspaces

To get an overview of all the workspaces you are a member of, click on the shortcut at the bottom of the main menu on the left side of the screen.

Organization of workspaces


Click on the Member button to access exclusively the areas of which you are a member. Each card represents a workspace and gives the following information:

  1. Name of the workspace

  2. Settings Button

  3. Privacy of the space

  4. Number of tasks in progress

  5. Number of tasks without a manager

  6. Number of completed tasks


Click on the Non-member (1) button to access the public workspaces of which you are not a member. Click on Join (2) to integrate the members of a space.


Click on the All button to access all the spaces of which you are a member and those you are authorized to join (the public spaces for the teams of which you are a member).

Workspaces in progress

The dropdown menu on the right side of the screen gives access to the archives either to the Archived Workspaces or to the Deleted Workspaces.

Access a workspace

To access a specific workspace, click on the workspace in question in the main menu on the left side of the screen. For this example we take the Direction space. You arrive by default in the Tasks tab.

Organization of a workspace

Each workspace is divided into five tabs.

Info Tab

Via this tab it is possible to consult the workspace's Activity Feed tab.

The tab gives the following information :

  1. Members of the space

  2. Precise space progression of completed and ongoing tasks

  3. Button to filter the activity feed: All Activities, Notes, Completed Tasks, Comments, Decisions

  4. Area to publish notes in space

Meetings tab

This tab gives access to all meetings in the space in question.

Tasks tab

This tab displays all tasks in the space in question.

Files tab

This tab gives access to all the files related to the space: those of the space, those attached to the tasks of the space or to the points of the meetings of the space.

Checklists tab

This tab gives access to the checklists shared in this space.

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