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Start a checklist

Start a checklist from a previously created template to manage recurring procedures.

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Before starting a checklist

To start a checklist, you must first create a checklist template with a list of predefined tasks. To create a checklist template, please refer to the following article: Creating a checklist template.

Once the template is created, it is possible to start checklists that will be generated according to it. For example, a checklist will be started from the template Employees onboarding when a new employee is hired. Another example: a checklist will be started from the Open Day template each time the event has to be organized.

Start a checklist

To start a checklist from a template :

  1. Go to the checklist template in question

  2. Click on the button with the three vertical points

  3. Click on Start a checklist

There is also a quick button to start a checklist from a template :

  1. Go to the checklist template in question

  2. Click on the Start button at the top left of the screen.

Setting up the checklist

Here is an example of how to start a checklist from the Employees onboarding template.

Name of the checklist

To enter the name of the checklist, click on the field in question and enter the text. The name of the template is in brackets next to the name of the checklist started. The new collaborator who will be starting soon is called Pierre Dupont. His name will therefore be the same as the name of the checklist started.

Description of the checklist

You can find here the possible description entered in the checklist template - elements in bold in the image below. In this case, it has been entered in order to complete the information related to the new employee. On the basis of the description model, it is therefore possible to enter the requested information to complete the employee's file. To enter text, click on the field and enter the text. It is also possible to choose a format for the description using the toolbar above the Description field.

The completed description will then be available on the checklist once it is started. To display the Pierre Dupont checklist description, click on the button to the right of the checklist name as shown in the image below.

Checklist reference date

Then you have to enter the reference date for starting the checklist. To enter a reference date, click on the field in question and select the desired date using the calendar. If no relative plan has been set in the checklist template, the reference date will normally be the current date.

In this example, the checklist template contains a plan for the reference date - D-30, D-0, D+90. The reference date (D-0) will always be the starting date of the new employee - for Pierre Dupont, it is March 2, 2020. If the model includes dates related to the reference date, they are automatically calculated below the Reference Date field:

  • Start date: February 1, 2020, 30 days before the reference date, corresponds to the date on which the workspaces contract will have to be signed. This initial milestone marks the first task to be performed in the Pierre Dupont checklist.

  • End date: May 31, 2020, 90 days after the reference date, corresponds to the date on which the trial period ends and indicates that an appointment for the evaluation will have to be scheduled. This final milestone marks the last task to be completed on the Pierre Dupont checklist.

To understand all the intricacies of the relative task plan of a checklist template, please refer to the following article : The relative task plan of the checklist template.

Assigning tasks without a responsible person

Depending on the checklist template, it is possible to assign a responsible person to the tasks in the template that do not yet have one. For example, in the model Employees onboarding, the task Present the department does not have a responsible person because this one varies according to the department in which the employee is welcomed.

To assign tasks without a responsible person, click on the button with the question mark and select the responsible person by clicking on the users proposed or enter the user's name directly in the field provided.

In this example, Pierre Dupont is part of the Technical Department whose responsible is Frédéric Singy. Frédéric Singy will have to Present the department.

Share the checklist in workspaces

It is possible to share the checklist in different workspaces. It will then appear in the Checklists Tab of the spaces to which it is linked. Please note that this does not result in the tasks of the checklist being transferred to the space in question. To share tasks in a workspaces, please refer to the following article : Sharing tasks in a workspaces

In this example, the I checklist should be shared in the Staff Interviews space.

To finalize the start of the checklist, click on Start the Checklist.

WEDO will generate a checklist for the reception of Pierre Dupont. Thanks to the Employees onboarding checklist template, all the tasks have been planned in relation to the planned date at reference date, which is the date he started his job. Each employee has also automatically received the tasks he has to do.

As the tasks on the Pierre Dupont checklist are completed, the percentage of the checklist will evolve, thus making it possible to know that the welcome procedure for Pierre Dupont is at XX%.

To access the percentage of progress of a checklist, click on the template of the checklist in question. All checklists generated from the template are shown here. It is then possible to evaluate their percentage of progress using the green gauge as shown in the image above.

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