Add a user

Network administrators can add a user and set up their account information directly.

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Add a user

Only administrators are authorized to manage network users.

To add a user, click on the + button (1) and then on User (2).

Set up the account

Basic data

Fill in the first fields with the user's data:

  • First name (3)

  • Name (4)

  • Background color + initials (5)

  • Email (6)

  • Function (7)

  • Language (8)

  • Type of account* (9)

*Info: concerning the type of account assigned to the user, explanatory texts appear when you click on the different options.

Then click on Create user (10)


Then tick the teams that the user must integrate (11) and click on Add... (12).


Two options :

  • Click Yes if you want to directly invite the user to join the network. The user will then receive an email inviting him to set up his password and access the platform.

  • Click No, later if the invitation should be deferred.

💡: If you do not want to invite the user directly, you will find him/her in the Uninvited category (Network settings > Users) and can send the invitation at the appropriate time.

For more information about user management, please see the following article : User management.

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