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Import a user list
Import a user list

It is possible to import users from an Excel file to facilitate the creation of accounts.

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Import a list of users

Only administrators are authorized to manage network users.

To import users into the network :

  1. From your profile, click Settings

  2. Under Network settings, click Users

  3. Click on the Import Users button

Step 1: Complete the Excel file and choose the appropriate file

Open the Excel file that serves as a template of the template by clicking on the link indicated (4).

Then enter the data of the different collaborators by completing the six required fields: First name - Last name - Email - Function - Account type - Account language.

The Email and Type fields must be filled in for the first step of the import to work.

Finally, save the completed Excel file.

Then click on Choose File (5) to retrieve the completed Excel file. Its selection automatically leads to the next step.

Step 2: Verify and validate the importation

It is then possible to check the generated data. If necessary, these data can still be modified; click on a cell to edit it (6). Users can also be deleted by clicking on the indicated button (7). Once the data have been checked, click on Start import (8).

Step 3: Import result

The last step is to see if the import could be done correctly. Click Finish to return to the list of users (9).

From the Uninvited category, you can invite each user or all users at once. Before inviting users to join the network, please read the following article : User management.

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