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Is it possible to assign a task to several people?
Is it possible to assign a task to several people?

The watcher system reinforces the collaborative aspect of performing a task.

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A task can have only one person responsible for completing it. In order to strengthen the collaborative aspect of the execution of a task, WEDO proposes the notion of a watcher. Thus if a task can have only one responsible person, it can however have one or more watcher(s) who are notified for each action that concerns it. The Watcher(s) are notified when the task is completed, deleted, commented the task or when the due date or the responsible person changes.

A user becomes a default watcher if he creates the task, comments the task, delegates the task or if a task is assigned to him.

This feature promotes collective monitoring of the same task and makes users aware of any important updates to the tasks that concern them.

To add a watcher to a task :

  1. Click on the task in question.

  2. Its details pane opens on the right side of the screen, click on Add a watcher

  3. Enter the name of the user to be added or click on the proposed persons

Info: If the same task cannot have more than one responsible, you can however create a task and duplicate it in order to be able to assign the duplicates to the selected users.

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