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Calendar sync: what is synchronized?
Calendar sync: what is synchronized?

Find out what changes are reflected in your calendar once it is synchronized with WEDO.

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Once you have synchronized your calendar with WEDO, what types of changes are reported in your calendar?

Concerning the Tasks :

  • Creating a new task

  • Modification of the planned date

  • Modification of the due date

  • Change of responsible (ex: if I delegate one of my tasks, it will disappear from my personal agenda)

  • Deletion of the task

About the Meetings :

  • Creating a meeting*

  • Change of date

  • Changing the time

  • Change of location

  • Changing the agenda of the meeting (in the description of the event is the agenda and a link to the meeting)

  • Add/Remove Attendee (e.g. you are added or removed from a meeting)

  • Deleting the meeting

*Only meetings created - or added to the workspaces - are synchronized. You will find in your calendar all the meetings you attend.

⚠️ Info

In WEDO, changes are instantaneous.

On the other hand, in Outlook for example, it depends on how your account is set up. By default, Outlook only updates every 30 minutes. However, you can make sure that updates are made automatically and more regularly by editing the update time in your email settings.

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