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Create custom filters
Create custom filters

You can create custom filters to display your tasks according to your own criteria and needs.

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Create a custom filter from my personal space

In your personal space, you will find by default different filters: My tasks, Delegated tasks, Observed tasks, Created tasks and All tasks you have access to.

However, it is possible that these filters are not sufficient for your use. That's why you have the possibility to create custom filters, according to your own criteria and needs. To create your custom filters :

  1. Go to your personal space

  2. Click on the funnel button

  3. Click on Add a filter

Then choose the filter name (4) and the conditions for displaying the tasks (5). Finally, click Save (6).

⚠️ Note that the first frame allows you to determine ALL the conditions that a task must meet to display in the filter. While from the second frame, you can cumulate several display conditions (see example below with the display of tasks of a team).

Create a custom filter from a workspace

You can create custom filters from a specific workspace. This way, all members of the workspace will be able to use them. The procedure is the same as explained above, just go to the workspace concerned.

Examples of custom filters

Display all tasks of a specific team

💡 Use case: I'm in charge of a team, and I'd like to have a global view of all the tasks that concern it. So I will create a filter to display all the tasks in the workspaces of the team in question.

Show all tasks without a manager of the workspaces I am a member of

💡 Use case: I would like no tasks to be left unresponsible. So I create a filter that will allow me to display all tasks without a maintainer that are shared with the workspaces I have access to.

Show tasks that are linked to checklists and for which I am responsible

💡 Use case: my personal space groups all the tasks I am responsible for: tasks related to workspaces as well as those attached to checklists. I would like to get a view of all tasks related to checklists only.

View all collaborative tasks of a user

💡 Use case: my colleague is away for 10 days, I want to get an overview of the tasks she is responsible for that have a deadline during her absence.

⚠️ Note that you will not be able to access the private tasks of the user in question, nor will you be able to access tasks shared with spaces you are not a member of.

Display all important and urgent tasks in the "project" workspaces

💡 Use case: I am a project manager and need to get an overview of all important and urgent tasks shared with "project" workspaces.

Show all tasks I'm watching with a deadline of less than 10 days

💡 Use case: I want to get an overview of the tasks that are relevant to me and have a close deadline.

You will find all your saved custom filters by clicking on the funnel button in your personal space or in the workspace from which they were added.

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