Attach a file to a Topic

Attach a file related to a meeting Topic.

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The File block allows you to attach files related to your meeting Topic. It can be an image, a PDF document or a PowerPoint presentation to be distributed during the meeting.

To attach a file, start by selecting the File block. There are three options:

  • Click on the File block

  • Enter File using the / command

  • Add a file using the + icon in the left margin

Attach the file from your computer

Attach a file saved on your computer. To attach a file: drag and drop the files or click on Select Files.

Attach file from WEDO

You can take over the files added to the workspaces of which you are members. A window with the tree structure of your network opens and allows you to access the right space. Select the file to be attached. Finally, click on Attach.

Info: click on the icon 🏠 to return to the main menu. You can then select the team and then the space that has the file to attach. In this example, the file is linked to the Sustainable Development workspace belonging to the Management team.

> Attachment Limits

Attachments from your computer are limited to 50 MB per file.

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