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Formatting text

Find out how to format text blocks for your meetings.

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You can set the formatting of the Paragraph, Decision and Private Note blocks.

Select some text, then choose an option from the menu:


B = bold

ctrl/cmd + G

I = italic

ctrl/cmd + I

U = underline

ctrl/cmd + U

S = strikeout

Bulleted list, numbering & alignment

Add a bulleted list or numbering.

💡 Tips

  • Insert a - and space to add a bulleted list

  • Insert 1. to start a numbered list

  • Use tab to indent a paragraph

Choose the alignment of your text

Align left - Center - Align right - Justify

Internet link

Add a link to a web page.


Choose the font color and highlight your text.

Undo Formatting

An option allows you to undo the formatting of your text.

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