For recurring meetings, certain topics come up regularly on the agenda. This is why WEDO allows you to define a recurrence on a Topic. This feature facilitates the preparation of agendas for future meetings.

Use case: manage a weekly meeting

I am organizing the executive committee meeting that takes place every Monday.

At each meeting, the different departments of my organization are reviewed. For all the topics of item 2 Services, I define the recurrence At each meeting.

The topics are already on the agenda for future meetings.

During my weekly preparation, I will only have to choose what I want to do with my recurring Topic content: Import from the previous meeting or start from scratch to begin writing.

Define a recurrence on a Topic

Click on the Not revisited button, then select the recurrence.

WEDO proposes 4 recurrences by default:

  • Every meeting

  • Every 2 meetings

  • Every 3 meetings

  • Every 4 meetings

ℹ️ After selecting the recurrence, the Topic changes from Not revisited to Revisited.

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