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Revisit a Topic

Revisit a Topic that has not been fully addressed at a future meeting.

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Sometimes one meeting is not enough to fully address a Topic. By clicking on Revisit, the Topic will automatically appear on the agenda of the next meeting or on the date you selected.

Revisit a Topic at the next meeting

During the meeting, click on Revisit at the bottom of the Topics discussed, but which will need to be revisited at the next meeting.

Revisit a Topic at a future meeting

If your meeting is recurring, you can choose when you want to revisit the Topic. To choose a specific date from the meeting occurrences, click the ⋮ button and then select the date the Topic should be reviewed.

Revisit all Topics in the next meeting

You can decide to revisit all Topics just before you lock the meeting. Click on Step 5/5 Locked and then from the window* that appears, click on Revisit all.

⚠️* Only the Topics you have not yet ruled on in the Ongoing meeting will be displayed in the window.

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