The 5 steps of a meeting

Discover the 5 steps to manage a meeting with WEDO.

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Prepare your meetings in teams, take minutes in real time and track the tasks assigned from one meeting to the next. WEDO will guide us through 5 steps: before, during and after the meeting.

Before the meeting

Step 1 - Meeting In preparation

The first step allows you to prepare your meeting.

  • In a few clicks, add your meeting and set the title, attendees, date, start and end times as well as the frequency and location.

  • Then, create your agenda by adding the topics that will be discussed in the meeting.

  • Define the presenters for each topic.

  • Document the agenda by attaching the necessary files and add your private notes if necessary.

  • Import the tasks to be treated in the meeting.

  • Manage the access rights to the meeting.

💡 You can prepare the agenda in teams with the multiple editing mode.

💡 Navigate from one topic to another from the table of contents

Step 2 - Validated Agenda

  • When each attendee has prepared his or her meeting, you can move on to step 2: validated agenda.

  • Send an Email to attendees to notify them when the agenda is ready.

💡 Each attendee can then come and consult the agenda in real time according to their access rights.

During the meeting

Step 3 - Meeting Ongoing

  • On the day of the meeting, go to Step 3 - Ongoing.

  • At the beginning of the meeting, manage the attendees from the attendee list.

  • Write the meeting minutes by adding content blocks.

  • Navigate from one topic to the next using the table of contents or the arrows at the bottom of each topic.

  • To advance your agenda, rule on each topic during the meeting. Choose whether the topic is Addressed, To Be Reviewed, or To Be Postponed.

💡 When you rule on a topic, the next topic is automatically displayed on the screen to continue writing the meeting minutes.

After the meeting

Step 4 - Meeting minutes In review

  • At the end of the meeting, click on Step 4 - Review.

  • Review your meeting minutes and make any necessary corrections.

  • Email attendees to let them know when the meeting minutes are available for review.

  • Export the meeting minutes as a PDF if you need to print them.

Step 5 - Locked Meeting

  • If this was not done during the meeting, WEDO prompts you to rule on the topics before locking - you can choose to mark them as All addressed or Revisit all at the next meeting.

  • Lock the meeting when the meeting minutes have been reviewed and approved.

💡 Lock the meeting so that the meeting minutes cannot be changed.

Prepare for the next meeting

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