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Shortcuts in WEDO

Discover all the essential shortcuts for your daily use of WEDO.

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💡 Discover the main shortcuts that will save you precious time when working with WEDO!

Windows shortcut 💻 : Ctrl

Mac shortcut 🍏 : Cmd

Shortcuts in the editor | Meeting module

Adding content

Use the / command to add blocks to your topics.

/ + P

Add a Paragraph

/ + D

Add a Decision

/ + T

Add a Task

/ + F

Attach a File

/ + NO

/ + IMA

Add an Image

/ + IMP

Shortcut in text blocks

CTRL + A in a block

Select the ONGOING block

CTRL + A (2x)

Select all blocks of the Topic

Shift + Enter

Insert a line break in a block

CTRL + Z in a block

Undo your last action in a block of text
💡Very useful if you delete the contents of a block by mistake.

CTRL + Y in a block

Redo the last action in a block of text

ℹ️ CTRL + Y can only be used after CTRL + Z

CTRL + X in a block

Cut selected text

Formatting text

Ctrl + G

Put text in bold

Ctrl + I

Put text in italics

Ctrl + U


Ctrl + Enter

End the selected task

Shift + Backspace

Delete the selected task

Up / down arrows

Navigate in the task list

Ctrl + clic

Select multiple tasks per unit

Shift + Clic

Select a series of tasks

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